SeaMonkey Portable


A portable web browser and email manager



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If you already know about the SeaMonkey suite, you'll be happy to hear that now there's a portable version with all the same components: browser, email, chat, and HTML editor.

SeaMonkey Portable is a product from the Mozilla Foundation that brings together many different tools to make a complete and practical package which includes everything you need to browse the Internet.

The SeaMonkey Portable browser is known for its integrated translator, as well as its image, pop-up, and form cookie manager and, of course, various web development tools: error console, JAVA console, DOM inspector, and JavaScript debugger. SeaMonkey Portable also has a news and RSS reader, and you can add more capabilities with extensions made specifically for this browser.

The mail client lets you write emails and include HTML tags in the body of the message. It also has an address book.

Thanks to SeaMonkey Portable, you can keep Mozilla Firefox and all its excellent tools on your USB drive.
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